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MPI NutriPharma

Houten, Netherlands


Bedrijf: MPI NutriPharma
Locatie: Houten, Netherlands
Classificatie: ISO 7
Temperatuur: 19,5ºC +/- 2
Verlichting: 700 lux
Luchtinblaas: 5500 m3/h
Relatieve vochtigheid: 50% +/- 5%
Vloerafwerking: PVC plakvloer
Sector: nutraceutical industry


MPI NutriPharma is part of the MPI Group. Founded in 1992, MPI has been on the frontier of International trade for a variety of markets.

In 2014, MPI entered the nutraceutical industry by offering renowned quality vegetable and gelatin capsules. Over the years, MPI has assisted customers and partners by sourcing and offering a variety of capsules, ingredients and excipients. Their expertise and ISO manufacturing in this strategically located location enable them to ensure just-in-time deliveries to customers around the world.


Contract Manufacturing – Liquid Capsules

MPI NutriPharma can encapsulate various liquids to any hard shelled capsule. The (leak-proof) capsule filling technology enables you to realize individual and multiple ingredient formulations, which could contain liquid extracts, essential oils and pellets, into (vegan) liquid capsules.


Ready to launch the desired products for your brand?

MPI NutriPharma’s White Label supplements are available as a tailor-made solution. The team constantly keeps a close eye on market trends and they are continuously developing innovative supplements.


Two-piece hard-shelled (vegan) capsules

The White Labels are available for hard shelled (vegan) capsules is various sizes.



MPI NutriPharma can also develop your desired product together, from start to finish. Benefit from MPI NutriPharma’s Liquid Capsules to create supplements that include multiple ingredients with improved performance and a great visual appearance. Whether you are looking for complex or simple formulations, MPI NutriPharma supports in every step of the way in formulating and developing your new idea. The steps they go through together



Step one of the process is to determine on one or more supplement types and deciding what ingredients are needed for each supplement. If you would like to create a multi-benefit supplement it is possible to adopt multiple ingredients and products in different forms. Ingredients could be supplied by you or, if desired, can be sourced and provided by MPI NutriPharma.


MPI can create your supplement Creating liquid filled capsules require the following main steps: Deciding ingredient composition Deciding capsule of choice Mixing of ingredients Encapsulation and banding Optional coating for delayed release Our specialized equipment is used at all times to ensure that each capsule supplement contains the correct amount of each active ingredient of choice. Eminently, there are several testing procedures to ensure safety and detect any sign of stickiness or dysfunctionalities. Ready for pick-up The MPI NutriPharma team can assist with bottling or blistering to offer finished product packaging or we can package in bulk so, you can use your own desired packaging. When your supplement order is complete, it is packed ready for pick-up at our warehouse.





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