Fraud Blocker MESOLINE - Highcare Cleanrooms


Rotterdam, Netherlands


Bedrijf: MESOLINE (project 9607, project 9625)
Locatie: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Classificatie: ISO 7
Temperatuur: 20ºC +/- 2
Verlichting: 800 lux
Luchtinblaas: 20.000 m3/h
Relatieve vochtigheid: 55% +/- 5%
Vloerafwerking: ESD coating
Sector: Semicon

MESOLINE microchannel particle deposition in a Highcare Cleanroom in Rotterdam offers a completely new way to create microstructures using nanoparticles.


MESOLINE was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Our mission is to become world-leader in MPD technology which enables
next-generation semiconductor devices.


Mesoline is recognized as top-class innovator and received a European Commission grant (Horizon 2020)
We are very proud they use a Highcare Cleanroom.


MESOLINE a new spin-out from California Institute of Technology. The services run from R&D projects all the way through to volume production and are all based on the unique in-house developed MPD technology.



Mesoline’s microchannel particle deposition (MPD) technology represents a completely new semiconductor manufacturing process that can fabricate very precise 3D-microstructures using nanoparticles. By harnessing microfluidics, their machines can build wafer-scale microstructures with unprecedented accuracy, in a matter of minutes. They offer customers a unique platform which combines tooling and years of expertise in MPD. This allows customers to create new devices incorporating nanoparticle based functional elements and metal layers


Together with the customer, the newly developed product incorporating the MPD process is brought into production. Their fabrication capacity in Rotterdam is currently around 20.000 wafers per year.





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Noord Brabant, Nederland


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