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Basic Pharma, biopharmaceutical

Geleen, Netherlands


Bedrijf: Basic Pharma
Locatie: Geleen, Netherlands
Classificatie: GMP Certified
Temperatuur: 19°C +/- 1
Verlichting: 1000 lux
Luchtinblaas: roosters / HEPA
Relatieve vochtigheid: 55% +/- 5%
Vloerafwerking: PVC plakvloer
Sector: Biotech, Pharma

Basic Pharma, biopharmaceutical is an advanced, independent pharmaceutical company primarily engaged in the development, licensing, manufacture and commercialization of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products.

This company mainly produces sterile and non-sterile, semi-solid and liquid preparations and acts as a service provider for academic centres, biotech start-ups and the pharmaceutical industry.


By developing improved formulations or delivery methods, the company adds value to existing off-patent products and is able to rapidly introduce these products through its flexible manufacturing facilities and well-established distribution channels.


The company has the combined expertise needed to ensure you get the required services and products on time and at the agreed-to level of quality.


HIGHCARE has build three EMA GMP cleanrooms in the last fifteen years for Basic Pharma. 


The commercial partners rely on the skills and expertise of this company. There people are fully committed to achieving their goals and enabling you to utilise their comprehensive knowledge and technology platform.


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Ellen Pankhurststraat 1
Noord Brabant, Nederland


KvK nr.56268629
BTW nr.NL852049572B01