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MPI NutriPharma

Houten, Netherlands


Bedrijf: MPI NutriPharma
Locatie: Houten, Netherlands
Classificatie: ISO 7
Temperatuur: 19,5ºC +/- 2
Verlichting: 700 lux
Luchtinblaas: 5500 m3/h
Relatieve vochtigheid: 50% +/- 5%
Vloerafwerking: PVC plakvloer
Sector: nutraceutical industry

MPI NutriPharma is part of the MPI Group. Founded in 1992, MPI has been on the frontier of International trade for a variety of markets.

In 2014, MPI entered the nutraceutical industry by offering renowned quality vegetable and gelatin capsules. Over the years, MPI has assisted customers and partners by sourcing and offering a variety of capsules, ingredients and excipients. Their expertise and ISO manufacturing in this strategically located location enable them to ensure just-in-time deliveries to customers around the world.

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Ellen Pankhurststraat 1
Noord Brabant, Nederland


KvK nr.56268629
BTW nr.NL852049572B01